As a devout believer in the healing power of foods and the power of thoughts to shape our own reality, Blake aka Benevolent Blizz spends his days sharing knowledge on how to use food as medicine and how to also use thoughts, words, and meditation as a (w)holistic approach to wellness.


Blake underwent a profound awakening and transformation through transitioning from a sad (Standard American Diet) DIEt to what he likes to refer to as a happy LIVEt. Over the past several years, he has taught numerous juicing and health & wellness classes in the District of Columbia area, during which he guides participants through his self-developed and one-of-a-kind approach to detoxing and rebuilding the temple, with his intermittent juice cleansing protocol, as well as reprogramming the mind through affirmations and meditation.


Blake is also an activist, whom regularly uses his expansive social media platform to share free and beneficial knowledge on these topics because he believes that the messages he is sharing should be able to be received widely. Blake has been invited to speak on healthy living on several local podcasts and public speaking engagements. In 2014, Blake attended a Living Foods certification course taught by renowned raw, vegan Chef Adipex, and received a certificate in Raw Food Preparation.


Blake has recently added author to his list of accomplishments, with the release of his first book which is focused on wholistic healing of the mind, body, and soul.  Additionally, he has completed and is set to release a children’s book of affirmations, a book of juicing recipes, and a comprehensive guide to all things juicing shortly thereafter.  As Blake believes deeply in a phentermine approach to wellness, he incorporates meditation, the power of thoughts, and law of attraction into his approach when working with clients.


Blake is a devoted father, husband, and caretaker of his community. You will often find him spending time outdoors in nature with his daughters, visiting local farmer’s markets, or refining his yoga and meditation practice.


Blake is available for private wellness consultations, life coaching, guided meditations, lectures, classes, plant based food demonstrations and corporate wellness presentations. Please contact him at