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“Address to Progress, Amend To Ascend (E-Book Download)”

Meditation is something that is very near and dear to Blake AKA Benevolent Blizz. He has spent about 2,500 hours in meditation in about 5,000 meditation sessions. Blake considers meditation to be a large part of his profound transformation and success.

All of us have dealt with multiple traumas over our lifetimes. Unfortunately, most suppress the trauma that is impressed, and suppression leads to depression. Whatever is impressed, must be expressed! Learn how to use meditation not only to heal the mind, body, and soul, but also to consciously create and manifest your dreams, goals, and desires! Learn all about meditation from the basics to pro tips, full guided meditation scripts, unique types of meditations, positive affirmations, and much more. Explore everything there is to know about meditation, from beginner to advanced, to becoming the meditation guide.  Learn how to use meditation to stay in a perpetual attitude of gratitude, which unlocks all the true wonders and joys of life!


“From Head To Hand: A Guide To Mental Wellness, Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind & Turning Visualizations into Actualizations (E-BOOK DOWNLOAD)”

“From Head to Hand” is a book designed to help the reader reach mental wellness, reprogram their subconscious mind, and move their goals, dreams, and desires from their head to their hands! Changing your dietary choices is a great way to level up, but changing your thought process is how you change your whole paradigm and ascend to the highest heights!


“Wholly Watter: A Guide to Washing Your Insides Better Than You Wash Your A*s (E-BOOK DOWNLOAD)”

Wholly Watter is so much more than a juice recipe book. It is a book filled with different types of elixirs including juices, smoothies, plant based mylks, herbal teas, and infused watter. Before diving into any recipes, Wholly Watter provides a firm innerstanding of the importance of and benefits from juicing, how to incorporate and sustain juicing as a lifestyle, as well as why one should “wash their insides better than they wash their a**. The book also covers the Benevolent Blizz intermittent juice fasting protocol, different types of juicers, the differences between juicing and blending and so much more.


“Level Up: A Guide to Cleansing the Mind, Body and Soul (E-BOOK DOWNLOAD)”

Level Up: A Guide to Cleansing Your Mind, Body, and Soul is a book designed to provide step by step guidance to living life to your fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. Level Up will help readers to detox their mind, body, and soul. The author leads the reader through a journey to overall holistic health by closely examining the benefits of plant-based nutrition, the power of thought, and meditation in an effort to help the reader achieve new levels of wellness and consciousness.


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