I Am Everything A-Z, The Coloring Book


I Am Everything A-Z, the coloring book” is a coloring book version of the original I Am Everything A-Z! The affirmations in each picture in this version, however, are purposely left blank for the reader to fill in their cellf!! Truly amazing one of a kind coloring book for all ages!

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I Am Everything A-Z” is a book of INpowering affirmations A-Z, rhyming style with a beautiful cadence! “I Am Everything A-Z” was originally intended for children, but I soon realized it was a book for all ages! Within each picture is also hidden hearts, different amount in each picture, with a heart key in the back to make sure all were found! I feel there are few things more important than using, reciting, and reading powerful affirmations, which are declarations to the universe, declaring what and who you are, choose wisely!!


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