New Year New Me: Starter Pack


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New Year, New Me Starter Pack includes 1 copy of each:
-World renown Level Up, a Guide to Cleansing Your Mind Body and Soul” which covers all things wholistic health from detoxing to juice fasting to 5g to gmos to law of attraction to meditation and so much more.
-Wholly Watter, a Guide to Washing your Insides better than you Wash your A**” is a liquid elixir recipe book that includes juice recipes, smoothies, herbal infusions, plant based mylks, infused water and more! Before any recipes are shared, a firm innerstanding of all things juice and blending as well as juice fasting and cleansing are discussed in depth.
-“I Am Everything A-Z” is an illustrated rhyming style childrens book of affirmations A-Z with hearts hidden throughout each page with a hidden heart key in back.
-One coloring book version of I AM Everything A-Z also included with affirmations left blank in coloring book for children to fill in themcellf!
-Also included is a 2021 calendar filled with 365 days of super positive cellf building affirmations.
-And last but not least, copies of handouts from in person workshops which include Wholly Watter recipe cheat sheet, 3 day sample meal plan and grocery list essentials, herbal crash course sheet sheet, mental wellness/reprogramming bullet points, and two universal law innerview and summary handouts!
-All a total retail value of over $133, saving over $33 dollars!


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